I want to thank you and your entire team for once again providing our group with an amazing experience at Cooking at Kate’s! This was our second trip to Wareham and arriving at your home for our weekend is just what these weary warriors were looking for. The location is spectacular and when we arrived Friday afternoon, we were greeted with a roaring fire, the table in the living room was full with fruit, meat and cheese, assorted crackers and little nibbles! And the wine was at the ready! We settled in and relaxed and engaged in lively conversation that always occurs when good friends gather. Out the back door, we watched an amazing February sunset over the ocean. The night was spent with good music, laughter and of course, more wine. We were lucky enough to have Sean Dailey, who cooked for us last year, stop by and whipped up a nice pot of lobster bisque, before he had to depart for a trip to the Caribbean! While we have only known Sean for a short time, it was like seeing an old friend and we made him stay longer than he should have and shared a bunch of laughs! Your weekend has a way of creating friendships that I’m sure will last a lifetime!

Saturday was a tale of two groups – those who chose to lounge around in comfy clothes, enjoy coffee and a light breakfast and relax as only you can do when in your home! The other group was our adventurers, a few who strapped on snowshoes and went exploring around the area and others who put on their hiking boots and took a long walk along your glorious beach! I’m told that both groups enjoyed themselves immensely! Our Sommelier Val Baumann arrived around 4, followed shortly thereafter by our Chef for the night, Kevin Dellarciprete and his assistant Jess. The night became a beehive of activity with Kevin and Jess engaging the group in the prep kitchen and we all took part in the preparation of the meal we would eat that night. Val made sure that our glasses were full and taught us a thing or two about the wonderful wines we were drinking. We were treated to a spectacular meal of Caesar salad, filet mignon, crab bisque and veggies, matched perfectly with wines provided by Val. After dinner, Kevin treated us to a delicious dessert with fruit and chocolate! Again, Kevin was the perfect complement to our crew – engaging, funny, and patient (especially with some of us non chefs!) and most of all, a great chef! Laughter and chatter filled the evening and we stayed late into the night in the kitchen, listening to music, telling stories and having a wonderful time.

Sunday was departure day but Lauren and David were there bright and early, fixed us a great breakfast of quiche, bacon, bagels, Danish and coffee and we filled up on great food before departing for home. I’ll tell you that it is such a special place, where in three days you can relax, unwind and be treated to spectacular food, views and wine. We all know that this is a tradition that will carry on year after year!

Thank you again and we look forward to returning next year!

Michael Brown & the merry band of 12!

February 2017