Cooking at Kates is like being on vacation @ Disney World. It is so beautiful and the ambience and love that fills every room is so healing. When Kate does the cooking for her own parties O M G. Your seafood/clams/linguini dish is from heaven. Thank you so much for having me. I love you guys so much. God Bless You.

Richard B., Cohasset, MA,

After traveling all day the stress immediately left when I arrived here and was greeted with a nice glass of Chardonnay and cheese and it just went on from there.  On Saturday we had a bunch of friends and we cooked and we all got to wear our aprons and get our hands dirty and sip wine.  The chef was there to tell us what to do and how to do it.  And the sommelier was there and told us what wine to pair.  It was just decadent!

Carolyn M., San Franciso, CA

I had a piece of Halibut years ago and I thought it was the best fish I had ever had in my life.  And so ever since then I have ordered Halibut in restaurants and I've been very disappointed.  You can't recreate those things in your past.  And then tonight the chef brought in this beautiful piece of fresh cut Halibut and I thought 'maybe this will be the night' and sure enough it was.

John A., Midland, TX

I love gourmet food but this far exceeded my expectations.  A few of us get a chance to get away for the weekend and experience "Cooking at Kates" which someone had read about online.  We had so much fun and the food was exceptional.  Saturday night's cooking class was unforgettable.  We sipped fabulous wine, learned to properly prepare gnocchi, (among other things!)  by a professional chef and then got to enjoy a multi-course meal with the chef at our table.  To be able to do this and sleep in ocean front rooms made this especially relaxing--no one had to drive anywhere.  Add this to your bucket list!

Jane M., Boston, MA